Friday, August 19, 2016

Foam Core Ulua From A Female Mold

 Matthew Rigby and friends are building a 20' carbon/glass Ulua in Florida using a female mold.

 Stringers are installed to support the foam panels.

First foam panel in place.

12 oz Cofab glass laminated in place.  Stringers and bulkheads will be installed before the hull is removed from the mold.  This insures that the shape will remain unchanged when it is removed from the mold for laminating the exterior.


  1. Hi guys this looks great!

    Will you be producing more than one?

    We may be interested in purchasing.

    Look forward to seeing the finished product.

    Thanks James

  2. Hunt Johnsen is building this sailing canoe for me. For purchase information, contact him at or Matt

  3. FWIW, this is a design based on/related to some canoes we built for Herb Kawainui Kane (Hokulea designer) back in the 70's. It has a round bottom rather than any keel, and according to Tommy Holmes, this is the key to the Hawaiian canoes' seakeeping ability. Some of my other canoe designs have had sharper entries and they did not track as well downwind or surfing as the true Hawaiian shape.

  4. I am curious, how were you able to keep the foam in place while you laminated your fabric on the inside. Did you heat mold it with a heat gun and then tack the outside of the foam to the stringers with hot glue? and did you have to do a lot of fairing once you took it off the mold? Thanks!!

  5. What kind of foam did you use to easily bend with the mold?