Wa'apa missing

Stephen Sleight's 16' Wa'apa has taken from the beach in Maui and he's like to have it back.  Contact me if you have any information.
Meanwhile Stephen has built a smaller 12' version of a Wa'apa or Tamanu out of two sheets of plywood.

Stephen built an 18' T2 several years ago and now needs to sell it.  Contact me if you are interested.


  1. Aloha Gary, Very sorry to hear about Stephen Sleight's lost boat. My son and I would like to build the Wa'apa. I move to Maui next month, my son lives there. We will soon contact you for plans. Would you ask Stephen Sleight if we might meet him? It would be great to have an experienced builders help and friendship. Thanks. Gene

    email genesaiko@gmail.com

  2. Is Steve's T2 still looking for a home?

    I would be interested - although not that sure shipping it to the mainland would be practical.

    OTOH, one of my 20' surf skis was custom made by Bob Twogood on Oahu and shipped to me.

    Pete Cresswell
    610-296-0878 (USA)

  3. Try Steve at:
    ssleight (at) hawaii.rr.com


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