Proa Baby Blue

Jim Finch sailing his new Ulua Baby Blue in Guam.


  1. Gary, Thank you for posting this video. Jim

  2. Beautiful!

    Jim, if you see this, can you tell me if you raised the sides to add some freeboard? In another video I see the white line very clearly, but I can't tell if that is the standard height for the sides or a bit extra.

    Also, is that a clamp on lee board?

    Looks great by the way!

  3. I did add some freeboard. I actually built the boat first about 3 years ago as a paddling canoe, experimented with rudders, and neglected it a bit. Then I cut off the old decks and gunnels, built up the sides so 3" higher net in middle section and even more at bow and stern, and then put in self bailing deck about 3" above waterline. The mast is hollow birdsmouth construction. All in all, it is a bit heavy, but works well, and since I like to go offshore in Guam, I am much more confident in bigger seas. There is no clamp on lee board. Thank you very much for your interest.

  4. Thank you! I thought those holes were scuppers but couldn't tell. Nice job, seems like a lot of fun.

    I've got Wa'apa frames started, but a friend just gave me a load of cedar so I'm thinking of switching gears again and building the Ulua.


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