Ulua getting Slammed

From Dennis Bullen on the Manukau Harbor in New Zealand:
"Found some photographs hiding in the waterproof camera. Here we are (the Cabin Boy and Der Kapitian) beating our way up the Manukau Harbour, its windy rough and a bit wild. After a while we saw three big ones with nasty white caps heading our way.These shots show the waka sliding down the back of the first wave, the second wave hitting. We had plenty of good wind and speed up, the wave crashed over, the ama just disappeared then the canoe; we flew out and slammed down then slipped over the next one and sailed on. The perfect day."


  1. Excellent. Does your ulua use a safety ama?

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  3. No safety ama yet, in the process of building a new ama slightly bigger. The idea is for this coming summer to do some coastal sailing so the old ama will go on the starboard side, a tri it will be then. On the Manukau Harbour the Cabin Boy and I like the idea of a light ama big sail and snappy winds it makes for one exciting ride. Have a look at this shot. http://www.flickr.com/photos/39922183@N03/9334049566/


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