Around the Workshops

Jeremy Lloyd's Ulua ready to take on Hawaiian waters.

Paul Vasterling's T2 being inspected by Quality Control

Andrew Bennett's T2 getting its ama struts setup.

Jim Richardson's stretched Ulua.

Mike Lewis's T2 ready to go.
And Phil McLean's Va'a Motu side panel on the operating table.


  1. Is the ~waterline stringer where a self-bailing sole goes?

  2. Yes, that's to support the cockpit floor and it is several inches above the normal waterline. That line also serves as a reference line with offsets above and below it to lay out the side panels.

  3. Hey Gary, Is it possible for one to build an extended Ulua in three pieces like a waapa ?

  4. Yes, but I would build it in one piece first and then cut it between closely spaced bulkheads.
    If you don't have the space, it is still possible to set up 1/3 of the molds at a time, but matching the sections is less of a sure thing.


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