Hull Varnishing

Andrew Bennett is varnishing his T2 hull and had this advice:  
"Please repeat to your followers your advice to avoid varnish fumes.  I got a nasty headache yesterday, in spite of using a chemical respirator.  I kept it well inside the garage, and so got a buzz just walking across the garage to put it on.  I keep it now at the garage door."


  1. Chemical respirators work only to the extent that their filters are ok, plus when a building is full of fumes it is virtually impossible for all the fumes to be removed. Use as much ventilation as possible. Years ago, using toxic paint, my friend and
    I used both ventilation and an old air force oxygen mask simply hooked to a garden hose that went outdoors, the valve in the mask allowing fresh air in and venting the exhalation to the building. Well before the fumes make you dizzy they are doing things not good to your nervous system and body.


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