Outrigger Canoe Surfing

Certainly one of the best videos to either excite you or make sure you never try it.


  1. I have this playing in the background on our TV all weekend. My wife went from "NO WAY" to "I'd give it a try in smaller waves."

    I was so inspired I pulled my Ulua out of the garage and went for a little spin Sunday. I'm so close, it is hard to work on it to finish up details like the manu, sanding and varnishing it to finish it up now that I know it floats!

    I would like to see some video on paddling technique, it is not anything like a standard canoe and is taking me some time to get used to steering it under paddle. May help if I actually finish it and put the rudder on though ;)

  2. The Ulua ama is optimised for sailing and is not the ideal for paddling. See: http://outriggersailingcanoes.blogspot.co.nz/2013/12/paddling-amas.html
    Practice will help though.
    Note some of those huge steering paddles in the surfing video.

  3. I wouldnt try surfing unless you had something solid like an Outrigger Connection OC4 Makaha(see vid) Waves can smash your kiatos, ama and canoe hull. any waves over 1 foot you should get a proper steering paddle.

  4. So THAT is why hull shapes and ama shapes are so critical to surfing :-)

  5. Interesting to see the guy in the small canoe using his paddle on the starboard side (non-ama) as a kind of planing device (unless he is just keeping the paddle low and non-draggy for instant steering deployment?) -- I am not sure whether to assist the canoe to stay upright or to keep the paddle touching the water to remain aware of/ready for control issues. Any thoughts?

  6. I think those OC1 guys like to kick the ama up to go faster and then they use the paddle skimming for balance. Maybe one of them will tell us.

  7. Paddling Technique video for Jonathan
    And some high end paddling
    Another, these guys are smooth


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