The Proanauts of Poland

We are a group of friends sailing proas from Poland and Germany.  Every year we meet to share our experience and to raid together to gain some more experience.
Three boats went for Proa Raid 2014.  All of them were shunting proas with crab claw sails.  Strictly shunting, no tacking, no safety gear to protect the fail of the mast in back-wind.  No motor.


  1. Always good to hear about the Polish proanauts! Fair winds to you all.

  2. Hi,

    congrats to your very informative story about the Proa gathering at the Polish coast.
    I'm new to proa-sailing, but not new to 'spraying boats like Hobies or windsurfers…..
    Next time it would be fine to join from my side with a boat I have to build during winter. The book from Gary Dierking arrived and my idea is to build the 3-board proa and using most of my windsurfer masts and sails from 4.6 up to 7 sqmtr. if possible.

    One of the goals here near Duesseldorf is to get the plywood as recommended. Fine wood is distributed near the german coast but not in my place. Transportation costs will make it nearly uneconomic, so that a used Hobie 14 will be cheaper, but this boat I don't wand…..
    Any idea?
    Thanks and 'Hang Loose'

  3. You can keep up with the Polish sailors at this Facebook page:


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