The Bionic Broomstick

Skip Johnson has been working at the bleeding edge of experimental, backyard proa design and construction.  Skip's 14' Bionic Broomstick sailed successfully recently in Texas.

The photo shows the proa tipped on it's side with the ama in the air.  The rigid wing sail is lying on the grass.  Since proas sail in either direction, there is a cassette rudder at each end.
Skip is not exactly new to this sort of thing having built a larger proa some years ago.
Here's a great video about Skip and the kayaks he's designed and built.


  1. Thanks for that. I built Skip's EasyB solo canoe design a number of years back and it is great fun. I liked strip building so much, it gave me the confidence to build your Ulua. The Ulua is currently waiting on a sailing rig, but has been a great build!


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