Outrigger Sailing in Tanzania


  1. Hi Gary,
    thanks for posting it.

    There are several remarkable items with the Ngawalas:

    - using the dynamic lift of the Ama as a daggerboard and counterweight/counterforce

    - mounting a rudder at the stern

    - First time that I see an original sailing craft from Africa that closes the loop of outrigger canoes from Hawai'i and Rapa Nui as Eastern most part all the way to Africa including the beautiful Sri Lanka "Orus" in the middle. Design and sail style are all related.

    Greetings from the San Francisco Bay

  2. Great! Looks like one of the last outriggers that Tim Anderson built on the beach I think in Kenya? I didn't know that they used the anti-pitching hydrofoil on the bow.

    I missed how they steer it but it must have been by oar? Looks as if they might have to 'dip' the rig to tack, or otherwise handle it the way some of the Arab sailors do/did their lateens on the dhows, flying the rig around the front to the other side to tack?


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