Scot Copeland, Teacher

Hi Gary, here’s a couple boats that I’d built with students. The two-man was carved out at 1” -1’ scale and mylar was used to trace off the S&G panel shapes. That technique worked surprisingly well, with just a little adjusting on the final wire-up. I thought you’d like looking at the ama designs - the second of which you can see your influence!
The two-man ama is local WR cedar, but the kids and I hollowed it out with gouges so it’s was fairly successful. The one-man’s ama is cheap 3/4” Home Depot pine that I stacked cake fashion. Defects were located so that we could place them on the inner layers. My students did a little math and the interior “slices” were gutted with a saber saw - so it’s hollow in a stacked-cake fashion.