Polynesian Va'a Motu Project

Visit the Facebook page for the story of this va'a motu project.  This is not my design and it is considerably bigger.   There are several changes from the traditional including the latest wave piercing ama bow.  I think it was built on the island of Fakarava in the Tuamotu group of French Polynesia.

This last photo would make a good desktop background.


  1. Nice. Those akas seem as though they would flex in torsion. I wonder how that works out?

  2. One of the earliest outriggers I built had extreme laminated gull-wing beams and they did twist excessively. This va'a motu has hollow beams with enough cross sectional area to solve the problem.

  3. The project summary in english:

  4. hey, I know its not your design but ive seen this before and presume you have some idea, why does the outrigger not sit perfectly straight in relation to the waka bit angles in somewhat towards the front? thanks

  5. Hello, i'm the builder of this Va'a, we need maximum volume on the ama where the pressure from the rig and sail is located, the front iako. That one was a nightmare to build, hollow box with strip planked kaori, sheated with more than of 10 layers of 450GR/M² UD and BX under vacuum with a precision of 2 millimeters..The strongest part of the canoe!
    The second iako is build by the same process, but with a smaller cross section, allowing a lot of flex ,the ama following the waves, the just like tradionnals canoes..
    Wonderfull boat in navigation, 13 knts with true 15 knts at beam reach, and easy to fly the ama!!! (maybe too easy...)

    Thanks Gary for this awesome blog, one of my first bookmarks for years !!!!

    1. I'm from Cabo Frio, Brazil, and I'd like to build one of this sailing va'a . How can I found (or buy) the plans? My contact on Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/guilherme.n.moraes

  6. I don't know how to get plans for this one. My va'a motu design is smaller at 6M length. You can see it here: https://vaamotu.blogspot.com/ and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShmLYEz5Czo

  7. Architect > Nicolas Gruet > http://www.ngyachtdesign.com/

  8. I notice in some of the photos they have the 20ft tri but can't find anything about it. Anyone have any updates on this model? love the look of the 30...


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