Proa ITI for Sale

New Zealand proa sailors may be interested in  ITI, a prototype 23 ft shunter that  has lived in the Whangarei harbor for the last decade and a bit more.
Outrigger sailing waka ITI (or Micronesian type flying proa) was originally built to be used as a fishing waka, and go trolling under sail on the Tutukaka coast, were he was built. But changing circumstances and the owners relocation brought about a change in those plans……moving from the coast to the upper reaches of the Whangarei harbor made getting out to sea much more difficult. So in order to spend the odd night aboard, a whare (deck house) was built to provide shelter and a lock-up place for gear.
Now, with older age and bad health starting to show in wear and tare of  joints, I need a waka  with a deck that I can stagger about on, if not a small monohull that does not require much moving about on deck.
ITI has a narrow and slightly sunken deck, which was intended to prevent the imagined fish caught along the Tutukaka coast from falling overboard, but which does restrict movement from end to end when shunting. There is the possibility in lifting the tack traveler to a height that will provide support from falling overboard and thus remedy this restriction, and at the same time it would be worthwhile to change the rig so that the mast does not need to be raked while shunting, which is what is needed now.  ITI, has a running stays system that allows the crabclaw sail to be carried over the sheets when shunting single handed and a fixed mast would eliminate this complication, as well as  allowing a bigger sail to be carried, but this would be a dipping lugsail rather than the Oceanic Lateen and would have some cost in outlay and labour, which in my case would be better spent on the 30ft Pahi proa that I am busy building. ITI is in need of some maintenance and would be better off in frequent use with an owner who has the time for this, as well as doing harbour and coastal sailing around Whangarei and the Northland east coast.
Any  enthusiast  willing to take him over at  price near $2000 NZ  may contact me via email at
Selling price mentioned above includes a 2hp Yamaha OB motor, although a set of female mould infibreglass, for the waka and the ama, are on offer as well, but at an adjustment to the abovementioned price.