Eco Challenge Fiji

The Eco Challenge is finally on Amazon Prime.  Sixty six of my modified Tamanu designs can be seen in the first two episodes.  The start in a narrow river was somewhat chaotic with many collisions and a few capsizes.

The first checkpoint was at a stunning little island called Leleuvia.  

The wind was light so many of the teams paddled the whole way but were pretty exhausted compared to those who sailed.


  1. Fantastic. Must be a real kick to see so many of your canoes out there. Great publicity.

  2. Hey that's great Garry. They look like shunters? Crew of 5? Can you point me to anything about the design.

  3. The hulls and amas are my Tamanu design but the Fijians adapted them for shunting which is their traditional way to sail. Plans are here:
    There are more photos farther down this blog.

  4. Hey Gary, what’s the sail area of these boats?

    1. They made the sails in Fiji, but I think they are about 90 sq ft.


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