Hollow Crossbeams

Hollow crossbeams or iako are very stiff and strong and avoid some of the difficulty of constructing a solid laminated beam.  In this case for my Wa'apa, I used 19mm (3/4") timber top and bottom with spacer blocks to hold them apart.  It would be okay to reduce the timber thickness to 15mm (5/8").  Draw the shape of the beam on a flat surface or put down some polytarp first to keep the glue off of your surface.  Screw a series of blocks along the line to which you will clamp the first member.  Glue and clamp the spacer blocks to the first member.

Glue and clamp the second member to the spacer blocks.

Glue and nail 4 or 6mm (3/16" or 1/4") plywood to the first side. 


Bore a hole to take the hardwood dowel at the outer end.