My Collection of Outrigger Canoe Models

Over the years I have collected these models from second hand shops, antique dealers and online sellers.  Some are from deceased estates and I was unable to obtain any history.  I never tire of looking at them.


A shunting sailing canoe from Kiribati.

A paddling and fishing canoe from Niue.  The ama was missing but the main hull is beautifully done.

A paddling canoe from the Palau Islands.

A shunting canoe from Papua New Guinea.

The star of my collection, a beautifully detailed fishing canoe from Puka Puka in the Northern Cook Islands.  It was made about seventy years ago.

A soatau from Samoa.  These would be fitted with a tacking rig.

A va'a of Tahiti equipped with a sprit rig.

A nicely sewn hull with the ama missing.  I have no info on where it came from.

Another unidentified canoe.  Maybe someone can identify its origin.