Sea-Scouts Double Wa'apa


Hello Gary,

The 144 Lake Bonavista Sea Scouts, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada recently undertook the constructing a double Wa'apa.

Having already bought your book, I was inspired by Gunnar Jentzsch's double Wa'apa shown in your blog post in January 2011.  Making contact with Gunnar, he offered some great advice on materials, storage and construction.

Coming out of the Pandemic Lockdown, it took a group of 8-10 dedicated youth 15 months to construct the hulls on a part-time basis.
They gained experience with boat construction and the use of simple electric tools such as power screwdrivers, jigsaws and sanders.  
We overcame problems with material availability, accuracy of our cutting and shaping, and also the juggling of the work around lots of competing priorities.

By summer 2023, we had finished the 4 end pieces and so committed to a launch date at our local lake.
The picture below is of the inaugural launch, in paddle-power mode, proudly flying our group colours. Great fun had by all

We are still constructing the mid-sections, deck and sail rig, with the goal of having those in place by next summer.

Longer-term, the boat's modular design will provide us the flexibility to change its use from a large stable vessel teaching canoeing and sailing, into one or two nimble sailing canoes of different sizes to suite our youth's abilities.
We look forward to many adventures ahead.

Best regards,
Scouter Jono White

144 Sea Scouts launch facebook blog