Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coming soon

This 20 ft/6 M tacking outrigger "Tamanu" is a development of the "Easy Rider" that I built in Fiji a few months ago. It is fully decked with two self-bailing footwells, has a kick-up rudder on the stern, and the sail is reefed by rotating the mast. Complete plans should be ready by Christmas.


  1. Looks nice Gary,

    Can you describe how self-bailing works in a boat of this type? Can an Ulua be self bailing?



  2. You can just make out the limber holes that allow water to drain from the footwells if any happens to splash in. The footwells are about 12" off the bottom of the canoe leaving about 12" of footwell.


  3. Does this design have more freeboard than the Wa'apa ? Was going to build Wa'apa from the book but this looks like a better design for extended cruising . Or Should I just deck the Wa'apa ?