Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wa'apa on the launch pad

When Lowell Shipe had a few spare moments from building those tough little Pelicans at his Ratty's Boat Works in Creston, North Carolina, he turned out this new Wa'apa sailing canoe. This 24 foot model is built in three bolt-together sections for easy storage and transport.

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Chuck Leinweber said...

Gary: I just talked to Ratty yesterday and he reminded me to visit your blog. I'm glad he did. Gotta love those Paraws. And what about Kevin O'Neil and his Proa - He passed us during the Texas200 and wasn't giving anything to Dan St Gean in his Hobie 18. Next year there could be three or more proas and I am trying to convince Ratty to bring his Wa'apa down and join us. What a hoot!