Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Vestas Sailrocket

The Vestas Sailrocket is making impressive attempts at breaking the 50 knot speed barrier for sailing craft. There is much good information about the design and structure at the Sailrocket website.


  1. WOOHOO...!!

    sooo... how fast could a T2 go with a Dierking (Gibbons) rig that had 'thickness' ie a wing? maybe self inflating as per kite surfing... Bruce foil on the ama...

    Very cool site Gary, only recently discovered it after scouring the world for information on outrigger craft, now I can't stay away. It is so nice to find a resident expert right here in NZ.

    I periodically go and drool over your outrigger plans and dream of building one... I usually look the longest at Ulua, but this week I want a T2...

    Dave, Rotorua, NZ

  2. Dave-
    Build one. You won't be disappointed.