Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beyond the Reef (1981)

Anyone who is a fan of both films and sailing knows that it is rare to see authentic local vessels in a movie set in the Pacific Islands. "Beyond the Reef" aka "Shark Boy of Bora Bora" produced by Raffaella De Laurentiis is a rare gem in that it was not only filmed in Bora Bora but also had large doses of locally built paddling and sailing canoes. The sprit rig was adopted in several places in the Pacific after European contact and it is the most commonly used rig in Bora Bora.

The plot is nothing special but the photography both above and below the water is outstanding. Maren Jensen (of the 70's series of Battlestar Gallactica) co-stars with Dayton Ka'ne and enhances the already stunning Bora Bora scenery.

Unfortunately this film only seems to be available in PAL format and won't play on most television sets in the USA. But do keep looking because you'll definitely want this film in your collection.


Anonymous said...

Another movie to see (for proa sailing fan's ) is "huis clos sous les etoiles" / "Inside outside" by Emmanuel and Maximilien Berque about their voyage across the Atlantic without compass,sextant or radio.


Maya said...

Best move in the world- Beyond the Reef with Dayton Ka'ne. What a great actor too!

teocarlo said...

The soundtrack made the film... Any fan of this gem & strange film, please join here:
A video montage will be posted soon....