Monday, February 2, 2009

Ama lashings Part 2

This canoe was built in Pukapuka in the Northern Cook Islands and was used for catching flying fish out in the lagoon at night. It is now kept at a museum in Rarotonga.
The view is from the stern which has a carved shape at the end. The bow is low with a wave piercing shape. These canoes were sailed in years past but this example no longer has its rig.

There are three crossbeams using straight connecting struts. A lashing between the crossbeam and the ama holds the struts firmly in holes drilled in the ama. The middle crossbeam has only two struts but the two other crossbeams have four struts.
This arrangement may look flimsy, but my own experience with straight stick connectives has shown that they are very seaworthy indeed.
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