Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sailing in Fiji

The new sprit rig is efficient and 89 sq ft seems enough.

The same 2x4 that passes through the hull supports the outboard motor on the port side and the rudder on the starboard side. A quarter rudder is close to the helmsman and requires no control lines.


Harmen Hielkema said...

Looking really good Gary
Say hi to Rosie for us.


Harmen & Julie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful -love to see her (tacking =her, no?)with a bone in the teeth!!

Dan St. Gean said...

Looks goog Gary! Does the recessed aft deck tend to collect any water? I like the quarter rudder you're using. I might adapt that to my tamanu. I'm about to commence on my AmuNui. I'm wondering though if I should go with new iakos to match the different style of attachment between the Ulua and the Tamanu... or just reuse the Ulua iakos since I have both a single and a double outrigger set.

Have fun!


Gunnar Jentzsch said...

Congratulation. Nice boat.

Hi Dan St. Gean. How can I contact you about the ulua?