Monday, August 2, 2010

O Tahiti Nui Freedom

The 50' "O Tahiti Nui Freedom" outrigger canoe left Tahiti July 27 and is headed for China.  It's been a long time since a tacking single outrigger has made a long ocean passage.  The canoe will make many stops on the way to Shanghai and has already arrived in Rarotonga.
Follow along at their website


Wade Tarzia said...

Reminds me of a giant version of my canoe :-)

Anonymous said...

VERY Interesting.

Pity about the poorly designed website.

Enter Miles said...

Hey Gary,
thanks for this link and images. Interesting indeed.

Hiro C. said...

There's another outrigger canoe going to china from tahiti. Its name is UPOO TAHITI. Unfortunately their website is down and no one will fix it. You can follow both canoes on Facebook.

soothtapu said...

interesting to note, Ontong Java and O Tahiti Nui Freedom were both created from the drawings made by admiral Paris and have both been reincarnated pretty much simulteneously.