Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wa'apa by Joao Rivera

Joao Rivera in Rio De Janeiro has been powering away on his Wa'apa project.  And for you builders out there, he is photographing every step of the way on his blog:

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  1. hi gary,

    this wa'apa is part of my master in design, here in Brazil. I am trying to reduce the toxicity of the building process as well the use of no recycle/biodegradable materials. resins are non toxic PU made from castor oil and also the expanded PU for the ama (biodegradable).
    achieving really good results, however I never reached a bonding as strong as epoxy does. at least it is an option for those sensitized by epoxy, like me... I don't think it will make any difference for the regular use. but it shure makes a lot of difference for the builders.time will tell if it is a real option. everything well documented.