Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Real Thing

Beautifully built dugout canoes are a rarity these days, but David Kunert is doing his bit to keep the art alive.  You can own one too.  See all the details at one of David's sites:


  1. Hi Gary

    Thinking about an adventure tourism event of canoe paddling/sailing between the Samoan islands. The complete trip is downwind. The boats would be hauled back upwind. The longest passage is 55 miles between Manua and Tutuila. The next longest is 40 miles. The tour would last 14 days. What kind of polynesian sailing vessel would be required to make such a journey with six to ten people aboard each boat. With 6 to 15 knot winds how long would it take to make 55 miles. BTW, there is a safety boat along and each canoe would have a 20hp outboard for safety. What a journey. From Pago Pago, John Wasko

  2. John,
    I would suggest looking at Kiko's operation in Hawaii and do something similar. Two standard OC6 hulls lashed together would probably do the job for you.

  3. Happy you gave Kiko a plug! He's a great guy and loves sharing his knowledge about Hawaiian sailing. He's down at Reeds Bay, Hilo HI every Wednesday! When I brought my first 15 foot, PNG canoe down to the bay we had fun playing with an old windsurf sail...turned it up-side-down.