Dan's Ulua for Sale

 I’m reluctantly putting my Ulua “Anhinga” for sale.  I haven’t had the chance to use it like it deserves & am entertaining offers.  It’s featured in Gary’s book Building outrigger Sailing canoes in one picture.
Some details about the boat:
Stretched to 21’—fits in a standard garage
Tanbark reefable sprit boomed sail by B&B yacht designs--128 s.f. or about 80 reefed
Mast is bombproof (but heavy) and features sail track and slides on the sail to make reefing easy
Can be set up or sailed as an outrigger or a trimaran
Custom tramps
Quarter rudder adapted from a dingy rudderhead and a 0009 blade that kicks up
Lots of other details but pictures might be best.

Dan St. Gean


  1. Nice Ulua that you have there. Hope it finds a new owner that will enjoy her soon!


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