After what seemed like a lot of progress in the first 24 hours, reality sets in during the next 24.  All those fiddly little parts to make and fit inside take a lot of time and don't look like you've done much.  Several half bulkheads have been filleted and glassed into place to support the cockpit floor. 
While I plan to use a stayed mast that will step on the cockpit floor, I want to have the option of using one of my unstayed rigs later, so I fitted a strong plywood box structure to allow a mast to step right down on the hull bottom. I could have glassed in a section of PVC pipe but didn't have anything the right size.

The cockpit floor has stiffeners glued to its underside and will be put in place tomorrow.  The fore and aft deck are also ready to go. I always hate covering up all that work in the bilge.


  1. Gary,
    I'm much comforted to hear, that you do suffer from a very common feeling to me. I find it often frustrating to work a long time at parts which will not be visible. It is much more fun to work on the big parts. Obviously, I have leart to live with it, also, after 3 years of building.

    But anyway, you're going at a great pace.

    And your canoe has a great, different shape. Really particular. Well, I don't know much, but I find it nice.


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