Sunday, July 31, 2011

Slow cure

 The temperature is low the last few days, so my bottom sheathing is curing slowly.  I mixed graphite powder into the second coat of resin and there will be one more coat after I do some sanding.  I doubt that the graphite will make the hull any faster or the surface any harder, but it does retard solar degradation and can be left unpainted.
The outer stem laminated in place with long temporary screws to hold it while the glue cured.

I decided to start on the forward cross beam while waiting for the hull sheathing to cure.  I stapled some polytarp down on the table first because epoxy won't stick to it.  I measured out the stations and offsets and screwed down a block at each intersection.  This hollow box beam will have lower and upper chords consisting of two 3/8" (10mm) layers of Kauri laminated together so I'll have 3/4" (20mm) of solid timber on the top and bottom of the beam with solid block spacers.
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