The Ama

Two layers of 5" (125mm) polystyrene foam with a plywood web/stringer glued in between.  The vee side will be the top, but he bottom will be round.   I like amas to shed water quickly when rising out of a wave. 
Now all I have to do is cut away everything that doesn't look like an ama.
Unfortunately I have some paying work that needs my attention, so progress will slow down for the next week or so.


  1. What did you use for glue? I glued up a triple-stringer surfboard blank with thickened epoxy, which was overkill and made sanding the stringer area difficult as the epoxy was much harder than the foam and wood. Was going to use titebond but wasn't sure if it could dry as the EPS wouldn't "breathe". It's looking good Gary, can't wait to see it on the water.
    Aloha to you and R,

  2. I used a Gorilla brand polyurethane based glue used for putting up drywall. It's totally waterproof and comes in a cartridge. It doesn't cause the sanding difficulties that you get with epoxy.

  3. What did you seal the polystyrene with to stop it being attacked by the resins Cheers Iggle

  4. There is no need to seal it if you use epoxy resin to glass it. Polyester resin would eat through the foam.

  5. Hi Gary, I'm building my own ama for my sailing outrigger. Did you pour your own polystyrene foam blank. If so what brand of foam did you use? Thanks Mike

  6. I just buy slabs of polystyrene foam that is used for insulation.


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