Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ama glassing

 I finished the final shaping of the ama and got it ready for glassing.  It gets two layers of 6oz cloth with an overlap at the keel and deck ridge.  I glass one side each day with both layers going on at the same time.

The new bottle of hardener I opened had turned red which is annoying but doesn't affect its effectiveness. 


Rotorhead said...

Nice. Are you going with a safety ama as well?

Do you see any reason why a similar box-type gullwing iako setup wouldn't work on my wa'apa? I'm still thinking "trimaran", with two ama like yours and symmetrical gullwing iako.

Matt said...

That ama looks fast, would it be a good choice for a ulua?

Gary.Dierking said...

I will be making a safety ama too, with a simpler shape and smaller.
You could definitely dress up a Wa'apa with gullwing iakos and light foam amas.
This ama would work fine for everything except surfing beach breaks where the Hawaiian banana is less likely to stuff itself under.