Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sail (remaking)

I'm cutting down an old Tornado sail for the Va'a Motu.  The mast I have has a built in curve so I can't use the old luff of the Tornado sail.  I traced the curve of the mast onto the sail and added a percentage of luff curvature to that.  I'm using plastic slugs instead of a boltrope so that the sail comes down easily without me having to pull on it.

A few more jobs left to do on the hull: a shim between the leeboard and the hull side to make the leeboard aim straight ahead, make a tiller, and a snubbing horn for the sheet.  


  1. Is that a rub-strake you added to the ama?

  2. It's a paint stripe. I wanted to keep the foam ama a light color but put some of the red hull color on it for aesthetic reasons.