Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Need for Speed

A little more wind this time.  Boat speed peaked out at 9.8 knots (18 km/hr), but I will get out in stronger conditions to eventually reach my target 12 knots. 
The figure eight loop knots at the ends of my Spectra rigging are tightening and causing the rig to loosen up, so I've been adjusting them after each sail.  I've also moved the shroud attachment points 4" (100mm) farther aft for better support on broad reaches and runs.  I do this so you don't have to :-)
The GPS is showing a true 90 degrees between tacks which is better than the other rigs I've tried on canoes.  I guess there is something to having a tall narrow rig for going upwind.

 The shrouds are 5mm Spectra tied around a SS thimble.  A length of yellow 3mm Spectra is used to tension the shroud.  The shroud is attached to an aluminum tube that is lashed fore and aft to the main crossbeams.  The 50mm tube also supports the hiking seats.


  1. Do you also think that the junk-rig rigging on the leach has something do with the good upwind performance? All that additional control of twist?

  2. It's not reducing the twist as much as I thought it would. A boom with a traveler or a vang would probably do a better job but with of course a lot more hardware and expense.

  3. Have played this on PS as well as other devices. It is excellent

  4. This looks like a great rig. Can you detail the arrangement and hardware you used for the shrouds? Looks like they split out on a bridle to each 'iako. Is it adjustable at all?