Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rolling and Furling

I've refitted my Ulua trailer with rollers to take the Va'a Motu.  It passed the 65 mph test with no wobbles.

I had to build support brackets for each crossbeam to make it secure for rough roads.

With the weather still not that great for sailing, I was inspired by this article to build a roller furling setup for an old jib I had.  Cheap and works great. 
If I want still more power, I could always put on a bowsprit and a roller furling gennaker :-)


  1. Nice roller furler. When I sailed on Jim's boat last summer, I noted that his home-built furler (for a genny) worked flawlessly every time (But I guess tensioning the wire inside the luff tube was a bit of a process, involving a powerful tackle set up between two trees).

  2. There's no rigid tube involved on a sail this small. The sail has a SS wire sewn inside the luff and that's all you need. The top end has a large commercial fishing swivel and the bottom just needs an eyebolt and a U bolt fitted to the plywood and dowel drum.