Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Carolinian proa on the beach in Saipan

I'll be visiting the island of Saipan over the next two weeks.  I was stationed there with the US Coast Guard in the 60's and later lived there for six years in the 80's.  During my last visit about seven years ago, I shot this video of a proa on the beach.  It did go out sailing later after I was too far away to get a good shot of it.  Many people from the Caroline Islands live on Saipan and occasionally they still sail these canoes the 500 some miles up from the home islands.


  1. Fantastic! I am currently about half way through reading a book called 'The Last Navigator' by Steve Thomas.
    It describes the seafaring culture and skills of the navigators of that region and has a few sketches of their ocean going outrigger canoes.

  2. THis canoe was most likely built by master canoe builder, Chief Bruno Tharngan. He was my teacher as I learned the art of canoe building in 2008 back in Maui. Since then I have built the 47' Sakman per the Anson Drawing of 1742.