Monday, January 2, 2012

Rigs and Reefing

Good article here by Jim Michalak about small boat rigs and reefing.  It could apply to those that want a shorter stub mast rig.

I gave the new crossbeam hinges on the Va'a Motu a good workout this week.  Some steep five foot waves and a rip roaring surf couldn't make them squeak so I'm feeling good about them.
I am however going to try a different rudder system.  I'm getting more side bend from the rudder pivot area than I like and am also annoyed when a rudder kicks up just a little and makes steering really hard.  So I'm going to build a cassette rudder that works like a daggerboard.  This won't kick up so easily if you hit something but it has several other advantages.  It will be just as easy to steer with it partially retracted, it'll be totally stiff, and I'll be able to adjust the amount of weather helm on different courses by adjusting the depth.
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