Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wa'apa Rig on Wheels

A letter from Germany:
Dear Gary,
Instead of boatbuilding pictures here are some of a few sails we made for Beachsailing!
Your book was a great help. There isn't much literature on sailmaking, in German we actually didn't find any.

The Pictures were taken on Römö, a sandy island on the westcoast of Denmark, which is 3,5 hours from our hometown.

The big white sail has 7,5sq m, it's great for low to ultra-low winds:a whisper on your face and you start going!
The orange one has 2sq m, made for the heavy breeze. Top-speed was 62,5km/h (38,5mph), about two times windspeed. It has also a good size at lower wind for children to practise.
The intermediate white one has 3,5s qm. It almost runs the speed of the (much more expensive) hightech-sails of a similar size.
All are made of Polytarp, not common for sailmaking here, with our trusty old sewing machine.
Maybe a sailing canoe will follow someday....
Greetings from Lübeck, Germany: Bernhard and Johannes 
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