Sunday, November 18, 2012

New World Speed Record

On the 16/11/12 VESTAS Sailrocket 2 set out on it's 13th run for this session at Walvis Bay Namibia. In moderate conditions with around 25 knots of wind average... VSR2 smashed the previous Outright world record by the biggest margin in the records history*. Paul larsen averaged 59.23 knots over the record 500 meter course and peaked at over 63 knots. The waters of Walvis Bay became speed sailing holy turf and the home of the outright record for the first time. This represents the culmination of 10 years hard work. The team promise it still represents the beginning of this boats potential. Africa turned on a spectacular setting and the flamingoes are just the icing. You couldn't make that stuff up. Happy days.
* Subject to WSSRC ratification

 Update 25 November:
 Fresh off the TRIMBLE... 68.01 over 1 second, 65.45 over 500 meters!


  1. Amazing. Although I think the run on the opposite tack might not go so well...I kid, I kid. The coming together of amazing design, good conditions and proper tuning along with a solid skipper. Cool.

  2. It would be possible to adapt it to sail on either tack, but compromises would have to be made that would make the record harder to attain.

  3. Wow ....

    Do you think this is mature enough for the rest of us? Or will the high speed sailing still be for the racers?


  4. 65 knots is a very dangerous speed under sail and I think it will remain in the realm of the obsessed and very competent for some time yet.