Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ulua by Dennis Bullen

Newly launched, Den's 24' Ulua cranking it on out in the Manukau Harbor, New Zealand with a temporary windsurf sail.  A more crab claw styled sail is in the works, but 11 knots ain't bad for this little rig.

Den makes fine double bend paddles too.

Ready to go.

Look out for that rock!

In the beginning.


  1. what is the thickness of the strips used by Dennis ? and how much glass/resin over this ?
    Eric, from France

  2. The strips are 6mm thick and 19mm wide. 200 g/sqM fiberglass cloth is used outside and inside of the hull.

  3. Hi Gary,

    But they look much broader on this hull ! 12 strips on the less curved part of the hull, instead of ~20 usualy...


  4. You're right, they could be wider. You can make them a little wider on the flatter areas of the hull but not at the turn of the bilge.

  5. Hi Gary, The cedar strips are 24mm optimal cut for the width of timber that we used.
    While I'm here I would like to thank a few people who helped me along the way.
    Gary Dierking, for his patience and kindness, without him no Canoe.

    Tony Dicker, Machinist supreme, and supplier of old sails.

    Robbie Rapata, Rob built the Waka Shed (his canoe is almost finished)

    Ben Corbett, Advice, lent paddles and a sailing rig to get me going.

    Mate Tamaariki, With his never ending support.


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  7. I forgot about the First Mate (cabin boy)
    Lucas Stone, at the drop of a hat comes sailing in all sorts of weather, the wilder the better, damn good sailor.