Sunday, April 7, 2013

Radial Brailing

I'd been using this brailing line setup for a few years on my own Ulua so when Dennis Bullen asked me to make a sail, by cutting down an old genoa jib,  I installed the same system.  Grommets are placed in an arc equidistant from the tack of the sail.  The brailing line is fed in and out of the grommets and is tied off at the boom.  I had had problems with chafe on the old system especially when using synthetic line which can actually burn/wear holes in the sail.  The radial system does a better job of controlling the loose parts of the sail when partially brailed, and is less likely to chafe the sail.

Dennis is pleased with his new sail which at 100 SqFt is better suited to his 24' stretched Ulua.


  1. Pleased with the sail alright, its stabilised the canoe and gives plenty of warning of any impending disaster. The Cabin boy and myself push the Ulua along we like punching through those Manukau waves.

  2. Cute cabin boy. Point the camera at the sail more. Get a go pro so we can see your tacking. Give the camera to the cabin boy so we can see you!

  3. Den,

    Was that you out there on the Manukau harbour Saturday (06/04) morning?

    Was looking good, from what I could see from the motorway.

  4. Hey there Rose, got a WIngman HD and this was its first time out, got some great shots of the sail in action just haven't got around to doin a edit yet, more beer needed. Cute Cabin Boy Huh!

    Bas, Yep, that was us, the Cabin boy and I, got out early with the rain an all, I think we were coming back in around about then.
    The Vid posted is from the Friday evening.

  5. Den, I'd be keen to meet up and compare canoes if you have time. You can email me via my blog (I hope).


  6. Bas check ya Email, sent my ph number and address.