Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ulua Safety Ama Crossbeam Design

Here is a design for the Ulua crossbeams that extends out
enough to strap on a safety ama.  It also curves up to keep
the safety ama above the wave tops.  Having the crossbeams
extending out on the non-ama side also allows you to have
a hiking seat on that side which improves performance when
the ama is to leeward.  Download the PDF here.


  1. I jumped the gun! I just glued up my amas last weekend, and for kicks I used the full 8' length on my cedar strips. I put 2 curves on the broken wing side, looked cool, but caused some springback. I think I will cut off the ends and use those for paddling iako. Then cut some more strips and redo them with the curve you show.


  2. The only disadvantage of these beams is that you can't carry the canoe tipped up on its side on a trailer without unlashing it first.