Sunday, August 25, 2013

Va'a iti

Some very elegant and seaworthy looking canoes (va'a) being built in Tahiti.
More on the Facebook page.


  1. what kind of mast and sail is that? Seems to furl around the mast, and yet has a boom, so not a hobie mast and sail. Also, the amas seem robust. Wonder how they are made.

  2. From looking at the facebook page he has a 'construction series of photos' and the amas look like they are foam board laminated on a center plywood piece..

  3. Hello people!
    I'm the builder of this Va'a Motu,she was build for Le Méridien Bora Bora, here's few answers to yours questions :
    Carbon fiber mast and boom from windsurf but reinforced with carbon fiber, custom made sail (8.5 m²)with luff sock, custom furling system fitted on balls bearing, the ama (260 liters) is eps foam with 9mm plywood stringer, sheated with 2x 400g/m² bi-axial fiberglass to add weight(for stability) and stiffness.
    You can find it on, and send yours questions at
    And please, forgive my terrible english :-)