Thursday, February 6, 2014

Summer in NZ with Dennis

Manukau Harbor, Auckland.  Stretched Ulua, Va'a Motu ama.  Dennis Bullen.  See the video here.
He looks like he needs a Laz-E-Boy.


  1. the video is great. how can I down load it so I can daydream even more when I dont have the internet. thanks

  2. Heaps of free internet down-loaders, try this one

    Glad you enjoyed the vid, down load it if you want, my pleasure.


  3. how fast did you go ?

  4. We were going at a constant 14km/h with bursts of no more than 19km/h, outgoing tide, wind gusts 20-25kts SW; Manukau Harbour,sea moderate. Garmin gps60. Heading home trying to sink the new ama.

  5. Hi Den,

    14 -19km/h was your speed, right (minus tide current)? 7.5 to 10.2 knots. What was the max speed you have achieved?

    I am coming to the end of my 27" Ulua build in California. I think speed is not really the main question, but I am still curious what to expect? :-)

    I am currently building the iakos (box type, similar to Gary's Va'a Motu design)



  6. Chris,
    I have no idea what top speed we have achieved but we can easily hit 12 kts (22km/h) and keep it there given the right conditions on the Manukau Harbour, on beam reach I lean right back on the stern and lift the nose, the cabin boy takes care of the main and we get to fly. I'm a practical applicator who likes fool around with speed. One of the troubles with the Manukau is that one fights the incoming tide to get out and fights the outgoing tide to get in, I shall keep you updated.

    Cheers Den

  7. Chris, under exceptional circumstances, like catching a big fishing boats bow wave one can really fly. But having talked to the crew member we both think that 12 kts is about the realistic speed. Gary might be able to elaborate more on this. My canoe is purpose built for the Manukau it has thicker glassing, stronger aiko's raised one inch higher, a waterproof buoyancy locker in the middle, stainless steel mast bracket with a nylon bush that fits onto the mast, 1/4" rubber underneath mast as with the iako's. The lee board bracket is 1/4 steel with gussets. I think Gary said the sail area is 100sq ft. Have a look at this clip at 1.18 the canoe is picking up to 12 kts and stays there.

  8. I enjoyed your video too. Wish I could see how the Ulua looks close hauled. Some boat designer said even a bale of hay goes downwind.

  9. Mine goes upwind at about 8 knots in a good breeze. With traditional style low aspect rigs, the tacking angle is 50 degrees from the wind direction. With a high aspect rig it is 45 degrees.