Monday, May 12, 2014

For Sale

This Ulua is one of the fiberglass production models I built about eight years ago and is located in Tauranga, New Zealand.  The hull is built with vinylester resin and knitted fiberglass fabrics.  For more details and photos go HERE

Dan St Gean has one or both of these Tamanu hulls for sale.  The photo is from the Texas 200 event where the hulls were connected and powered with Hobie 18 parts.  The hulls are located in Illinois, USA.  Post a comment if interested in either of these canoes.


  1. Good day Gary... out of curiosity, how did the two hulls work out as a day-sailing / camping catamaran. Looks like an interesting idea!

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  3. They worked amazing as a cat. I had used the Hobie 18 the prior year, and it was a wet ride for 200 miles. The tamanu hulls were dry and the overall 9'6" beam made for a powerful boat. Having footwells to sit with feet under me rather than stretched out made for a much more comfortable ride. Using the stock Hobie beams was a shortcoming I would do differently on another version of the boat.


  4. The trademe auction expired between me looking at it and typing a question! I'm definitely interested in the Ulua. My questions were - what is the condition of the rigging and sails, and also can the ulua carry one or two children in addition to two adults, or do I have to leave my wife behind?
    Thanks. My email is
    ps. also thanks Gary for all your work to do with sailing waka ama.

  5. Gary / Dan,
    I am interested in more details about the Tamanu hull(s).
    Are you willing to sell just one hull?
    Is is hull only, or do you have rudder, leeboard, akas, seats?
    Are the plans offered as part of the deal (to build the rest as a single outrigger)?
    My email is
    Steve Roney