Monday, May 19, 2014

Wilber in the Sea of Cortez

Wilber is a Wharram designed Tahiti Wayfarer 21' outrigger canoe built by Shaun West.  Follow their adventures in the Sea of Cortez on their blog.


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  2. I deleted an earlier comment because I answered myself by going to the Wharram site. Seems like a nice hull. I am glad these particular people built an ama with good volume. I will be interested to see how the "sharp forefoot as lateral resistance" idea will work out. I have doubts, when push comes to shove, and you really need to get to windward. But Jim Brown felt that the sharp forefoot of the dug outs of asome east-coast central American natives did let their sailing canoes get to windward, but does windward mean 75 degrees, 65 degrees, etc.? I can live (and have) with 65 degrees (made good) but lower than that (Micronesian proas 75 degrees as reported by Gladwin) not for me! I hope your sailing seasonw ent well!