Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Made For Waves


Kiko Johnston-Kitazawa from the big Island of Hawaii sent me a link to this very beautiful and inspiring video.  Click on the photo above to view the video.


The Organization Na Pe'a is also doing great work in getting young people involved in canoe sailing.


  1. Amazing! That ama seemed to my eyes a little iffy for sailing to lee, but of course, it worked and it has always worked. Still, just watching that made me itch for a windward platform. What a coast! You had better know how/where to pick your landings with The Teeth of the Gods everywhere.

  2. Those are awesome canoe sailing skills.

  3. do you have a modified version of your Ulua plan more like these Hawaiian hulls? Im looking for something which can surf - shorter but more bulk in the nose and tail, and no vee in the bottom hull.

  4. Sorry, no I don't. My designs are optimised for sailing more than surfing. The Ulua is okay for small waves but for the big stuff you would want he fuller ends with no vee.