Saturday, August 29, 2015

Springtime Down Under

Spring and sailing weather are not far away, so it is time to overhaul the fleet.  The Va'a Motu is in the shop first for a fresh coat of paint.  The freshly painted main ama, crossbeams and hiking seats are on the work table and the safety ama is hanging from the ceiling.
A dash of Penetrol in the enamel really makes a brush job look like a spray job.


  1. Have a good season! The Va'a Motu seems to be your favorite boat. Question about the aka hinges: do you think if such things were located closer to the hull (to reduce the folded width of the whole boat) that the strength would still be adequate? (I don't see why not, but I may be missing something).

  2. Whoa, nice shop there! I'm starting to get pumped that I get to go out to Madang in a month or so here and get a week and a half of sailing Shan Skailyn for the first time since December of last year! Hoping he's not become a meal for the termites!

  3. The load on the hinge pins will increase the closer they are to the gunwale. There are a lot of factors to consider such as the volume of the ama because the greatest load is when it is to leeward. I would probably go up a size in the plates and pins.