Tuesday, October 13, 2015

South African Wa'apa

Somon Britz in Durban, South Africa is building a 0ne piece 16" Wa'apa. 

The amas are foam filled PVC pipe with shaped and glassed ends.


  1. I am curious about the amas.
    Many years ago a friend of mine was making pvc didgeridoo, he would flame them in a way with a torch and once soft wiggle and squish the softened area to make it look like bamboo.
    I have been wondering if it would be possible to add more shape to amas that way.
    Make them more boat shaped instead of tube shaped. I also wonder if shaping them would matter?

    1. I think that some rocker especially at the stern would help. Sometimes a canoe will be sailing loaded more aft and this drags the stern of the ama. You'll see that rocker on big racing tris too.

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