Sunday, December 20, 2015

Summer Sailing in Sweden

Joergen Agardtson and friends have been sailing his Wa'apa for the last three summers. 

It looks like he's using chine runners instead of a leeboard.


  1. How good are chine runners? Are they any use for upwind work? Do you have any other details such on constructing them?

  2. I can sail upwind and tack. I read about chinerunners in Sven Yrvinds book the Constructor. He writes about Matt Layden and his use of chinerunners. So I thought why not try to add them to the Waapa design and see if they would work on an outrigger sailing canoe.

  3. Jörgen,

    Can you elaborate a bit more on your chine runners? I'm going to be cartopping my Wa'apa and carrying it down to the water on a small dolly. I'm trying to eliminate as many fiddly parts as possible and reduce the number of things that have to be attached for sailing or stowed for transport. The chine runners would help in this regard.

    As it is a canoe, and a narrow one at that, I expect it to paddle decently well. I've pondered the trade-offs of complexity in squeezing in another degree of windward ability vs the simplicity of knowing you can always drop the sail and paddle dead in to the wind. As someone who is just sailing for recreation, but for whom time management is a huge part of my ability to go sailing at all, paddling back to my starting point has always seemed like a good option, over beating to windward only to lose progress with one bad tack. I'm under the impression that the Wa'apa set up with the most efficient foils is probably still not going to sail as close to the wind as most modern monohull dinghies. If the difference between chine runners and pivoting leeboard on the Wa'apa is 5 degrees or so, I think this is a great addition.

    Thank you, and beautiful boat.


  4. Eric,
    Thank you.
    I can not tell you how the chinerunners compare to a leeboard. But Im keeping the chinerunners on my boat, they work for me.
    Its hard work going upwind and I sometimes just anchor up and wait for that eastern morning summerwind to turn to a west summerbreese in the afternoon.
    I have been sailing the boat in Öresund, Skälderviken and Laholmsbukten so far. There is a short film on youtube: Wa'apa Neptun sailing 2015 Sibirien Skaelderviken Sweden.