Friday, July 29, 2016


We've been in Fiji for 10 days now.  Pulled the canoe out of its storage place under a house, cleaned it up, assembled it and sailed away to where we stay with friends.  The wind has been a relentless 25 knots since we've arrived and since it's July I don't expect it to change.  It has been a good workout and test of the cambered junk rig.  It's quickly reefable to any amount of sail area and the Hong Kong parrels I added this time have improved the sail shape in strong winds.
Because of my constant curiosity about alternate sail rigs, I intend to try something different again for the next trip.  I'll bring a standard balanced lug rig which is similar to the junk but without the battens.  The polytarp I used for the junk rig is nearing the end of its life so I would have to replace it in any case.
So far my wife Rose has caught a Spanish mackerel and a trevalley from the canoe; each of which fed four.
A little over a week to go and then it's back to the NZ winter and fires every night.

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  1. Glad to hear about the continuing good service of the "built on the beach" canoe!